Whether for a road trip, or for some function or parents meet there is no doubt that finding the best family car is a necessity. To ensure that your family travels safely and in comfort on road choosing the right car is required. Family vehicle body styles have the minivans, sport utility vehicles, wagons or sedans but there are more factors to consider while buying the best car for your family. A family car should be safe, reliable, easy to handle, economical and as per your personal liking and family’s choice. Size of the cargo area, ease of car seat installation, mileage, suitability for kids and a few more nifty extras. The options of best family car are as follows:
what in mind when choose best family car


The main types of family cars are hatchback, estate, people carrier or SUV. Hatchbacks come with boot lid so often called as three door, thus easy to load your shopping luggage or pet. Coming in a number of sizes a definite option for family car. Estates is a larger version of hatchback, thus more space but with the challenge to park. MPV, if the estate is also small then go ahead with MPV. SUV the most versatile, compact and crossover is a most preferred option for family car. More on space with more stylish way as compared to the MPV.
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Depending on the size of your family there should be space in your car. The option to set a car seat if you have toddler is a necessity. If the members are tall enough there should be enough leg space. If there are members with knee problem the car should have low climb as it makes easier for them to board and get down.


A car should be economical suiting your budget as with kids expenses are bound to increase so a car should help in you budgeting aspect. Also it should give you more mileage and low maintenance cost. Diesel cars are great option as diesel is cheap but the cost of car is high so depending on your budget choose the best option.
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A car should have air bag in front as well as back as kids are mostly seated at back and their safety is something that you need to be assured of while opting for the car.


Some companies present great after sale service right from picking up and dropping at your doorstep to first few free services. Thus  this aspect should also be considered while selecting the car for the family.

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