We can easily get the Zodiac sign by an individual’s date of birth. Every sign has its own importance, positives, and negative traits. One can easily analyse an individual based on the Zodiac sign. We can determine their attitude towards folks and life. Every horoscope sign belongs to any one of the 4 elements i.e. Air, Fire, Wire, and Earth. These represent the energy types.

It is not practically possible for everyone to be compatible with another person, it is mainly due to the Zodiac sign. Every Zodiac sign carries a predetermined personality and they stick to it. The behavior can change but the personality and trait remain constant.

I and my daughter are Pisces, we can understand and fulfill each other’s requirement very well and prefer to make a good balance of brain and heart. As I learned today pisces with a pisces compatibility  is a unique one. Here is a tiny insight about us as a Pisces mommy and Pisces daughter.

Qualities and Trait of Pisces and Pisces team

1. Big Hearted Folks

My near and dear ones are very well aware of my soft nature and helping tendency, I can notice the same in my daughter. She motivates and treats everyone with kindness. We are highly sensitive and believe to offer compassion and love when needed the most.

2. Quality Tops the Chart

We don’t want ourselves to be surrounded with 100 of friends, a handful of trustworthy and genuine friend is enough for us to share the happiness and sorrow. My daughter is just 5 but she is very choosy when it comes to making friends, she has only a few friends but all of them are very close to her. I can sense that my daughter believes in quality over quantity.

3. Creativity

As a Pisces, I can say my daughter has inherited all the creative and artistic quality from me. I was a national level Kathak dancer similarly my daughter has a special love for Indian classical dance form. I have enrolled her in western dance form, but she loves classical and prefers it the most.

4. Dream Chaser

As a Pisces, I take utmost proud to say that we dream big. Small things are not meant for us, we dream big and work hard to achieve it. Similar, the little Pisces at my home imitates me when it comes to chasing her dream. Her goal is to dream big and achieve bigger.

5. Spiritual Connection

I believe in god. Something right or wrong happens, you will always find me praying and communicating with God. My daughter does the same, if she is caught up doing some mischievous activity, she will be seen at the Puja room offering prayer. We believe in mental and spiritual growth.

6. Trust Is Important

As a Pisces, I cannot tolerate cheating or dishonesty. I can go ahead and cut all the contacts if I do find the person not trustworthy, same goes for my daughter. She will refuse to even initiate a conversation if the person breaks the trust.

7. Emotional

I see my childhood in my daughter, we both are extremely emotional people. At times we strive hard to keep a control on it and end up being emotional fools.

As a Pisces mommy and daughter duo, we understand each other very well. Since we are dreamers, we lose the track very fast. We are extremely humble and loving but if the relationship is not healthy we can easily get drenched in self-pity.

I feel in order to stay ahead, we both need to be strong, focus on our goals and motivate each other.