Friends i am a mother of 3 yrs old daughter, named Miraya.. So when its time to traveling i never forgot these items in my bag. As she is very small extra care always prefer to her. Here’s a checklist of items that make travelling much easier, plus tips for efficient packing.

1) Plastic bags – I never forget to carry plastic packets at the time of travelling because my daughter sometimes vomits while travelling bcoz changing of weather sometimes effects of child’s health..We use it to carry the dirty clothes so that they don’t mix with the clean ones

2) Wipes – Very useful items while travelling i always prefer Pampers brand kids get their hands dirty very fast so while travelling they’re useful for washing hands, clean her face or when i think to change her dress the wipes refresh her..

3) Extra pair cloths- Between diaper leaks and spilled drinks, the chances that something will spill on you or your child is very high. An extra pair of baby clothes takes up no space at all.

4) Food pouches- Go with snacks that your child likes, are easy to pack and not too messy to eat. Try to carry some nuts as they are full of energy.

5) Hand Sanitizer- we must carry this because it is a protective measure to keep infections away when we don’t have water and soap available to wash hands. Great for little ones who like to touch everything and then put their fingers in their mouths.

6) Favourite Small Toys- When i am travel with Miraya, I never forget her toys because Toys are essential to entertain and calm your bub when he or she is stressed or bored.

7) Water bottles – This hack is really important when you are traveling with your baby. Straw bottles for toddlers are easy once they get the knack of sucking though they and they can drink bigger quantities. They may not leak when it’s sealed, but once you open it, water or milk can go everywhere.