Rosegal Dresses Every Lady Should Own

Recently I joined a new kitty party. A friend of mine, Maya was wearing a fabulous jumpsuit. We all were liking it too much, after giving her all the compliments I inquired her about the cost. It was very shocking to hear that she got this amazing beauty at such a low price. She got the dress from Rosegal. I could not wait to go home and check the site.
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Girls are crazy about dresses that is a known fact and the birthday dress has special importance in their life. My daughter who is just a month shy of 4 years was going frantic about her birthday dress and wanted the best dress from the market. Read more


5 Perfect red dresses for a romantic date

Red is the colour of love and it makes you feel beautiful within. Be it a red lipstick or mini dress, the colour has the charm to make everything look truly a diva. Your wardrobe collection is incomplete without a red colour dress. Whether you’re going for a Christmas party or a romantic date with that hot colleague of yours, red will always make sure that everything goes right your way. The red dress can do wonders for you and make you feel above the world. The guy you’re on a date with will be awestruck by your beauty. You can go for bodycon dresses or any other in colour red and feel like the queen of this world. Get the light and right make up and kill your guy with your beautiful curves and pretty smile.Read more