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Is play school necessary for kids

Play school is a necessity for those parents who can’t afford enough time for their kids. Kids in their growing stage need lot of attention of their parents or guardian to learn basic things. Play school plays vital role in developing certain basic things which prepares a kid for his or her upcoming events in life.Read more



The title must be coming out to be very inappropriate for you or to be honest it may seem to be an exaggeration of the situation, but trust me this is a true incident and resemblance to anybody else’s situation will only require sympathy from our side.

Quickly let me take you to a trip down the lane in the chronological order. I step out of the convent girls school with flying colors and to conquer the whole world. I get wings and to trap my flights my parents decide to gift me “the cell phone”. I refer it to as “the cellphone” because it was a cool device the most happening invention, the gift of Mr.Dhirubhai Ambani tocwould later result in Jio telecommunications. So you understand why it is the cell phone. Also it was the coolest thing to message your friends or having a tiny miny cell phone in the grip of your wrist and talking while you are walking. The cell phone intruded in our lives and became an integral part of our lives in a very short span of time. We were the generation who had to strive hard to get a basic keypad cell phone with no internet facility and today the kid is born and gets an Iphone or Ipad just as they start to roll their eyes. Therefore as it was technically our first hard earned perk or incentive it etched its mark in our hearts.

The feeling that we had for the cell phone was nothing less than the feeling that a first time mom of a rainbow child has for her little bundle of joy. However the fact lies that the physical description of the cell phone and its working caliber would have earned it the fame of a good for nothing useless piece of device on which we had spent some of our resources. Still it breaks my heart to say something like this for the cell phone that was a part of my growing up years and has been through so much still stood like my pillar of strength during the rough waves.

However it is the law of nature that states what has come will have to go. And gradually even my cell phone in spite of proving its loyalty for some good 5 – 6 years had to depart from me. Technology was evolving quickly and thus my
cellphone who used to be once my 24/7 companion had reached its critical stage of life. A tough decision was to be made by me I could either stay with my companion for some more years just by complaining about it and comparing it just like the way a girl feels about her crush from the teens or move on in life with another handsome looking guy who is more deserving and capable. Life is tough and unfair I was torn in parts. Shattered I decided to move on and upgrade myself and thus get a new smart phone in the clutches of my hand. Still a part of me feels that it is my moral duty to hand it over to a good and reliable owner who genuinely needs it. The search begins I want to discard it for
a sum of 1000 rupees as I had bought it for the double amount. I was ridiculed as nobody wanted to buy it for that amount and had to use my negotiation skills to sell it off for an amount of Rs.500. The story does not end here rather my life gets miserable.

The new owner of the cell phone uses the phone for 2 days and I miss my little baby so much but the grief is over come by the help of my new cell phone. But to add to my grief the lady comes and yells at me for giving her the cell phone that was even bad than the toy cell phone that kids use and is bought for 20 rupees. I was like did she actually said that my feelings were same like that of the father of a doting daughter gets to listen the complaints of his daughter from her in laws. I could not believe that she was talking about my precious cell phone. The complaints were that she required to get it mended and that it cost her a fortune and she demanded a refund. I was broken and shattered and was clueless As to what should I do so I handed her some good 1500 rupees as a compensation and
requested to keep the phone with her because my mom followed Feng shui and any electronic that was not in working condition could be kept at home. Sending it to recycle store was a bad idea as they would have ripped it and stripped it. Thus to discard a cell phone I was robbed off of two things my money and self- respect.



You are dead tired and need a break from your chaotic and super busy schedule, but are reluctant that holidays are expensive and you need to save for so many things. Let me break this myth there is one Indian holiday destination that is suited for all the pockets and what more it, relaxes you like nothing else.Read more



Delhi NCR the polluted state of the country and the levels of pollution rise to an alarming rate after the Diwali celebrations. There is so much of pollution in the air that seems to full of smog and the visibility drops down.

Coming to the matter burning of firecrackers during the festival has increased to leaps and bounds making Delhi the worst city of the world. That kind of air is unsuitable for anyone to breath. The three bench comprising Justice AK Sikri, Abhay Manohar Sapre and Ashok Bhushan have made the decision to be implemented till November 1 that the crackers will not be sold in the Delhi NCR.

The sole intention of the ban is to test the quality of the air or let us hope that this ban brings some positive effect on the air this Diwali. The situation will be reassessed before and after the Diwali to check the quality of air. However there is ban on the sale of the crackers and not on bursting the crackers, so it is a half ban that will not completely solve the issue. Rather it would lead to black marketing of the crackers and this is a greater violation of law. This would affect the mentality of the kids as it will clearly highlight the socio-economic difference in the city between the rich and poor.

However the health activist are welcoming this decision with heart as they are seeing it as a drive to clean the air. They claim that pollution is as it is five times higher than the safe standards and this gets aggravated to 10 to 12 times during the Diwali period. The supporters of the decision are not against the celebration bet they are supporting celebration in a different way. The ambient air quality should be 60 micrograms per cubic meter in any 24 hour cycle. This is alarming in Delhi as being 300 and during the Diwali period it goes high up to 700. Diwali
is the festival of light and not crackers so light your houses rather than bursting the crackers and polluting the environment.

This ban is a good move towards the betterment of the quality of lives in Delhi NCR but there are so other triggers that are causing the damage to the environment. To maintain internal law and order and prevent any unrest in the
society the Government, Supreme Court and other governing authorities should try to sit together and frame the laws that suit the interest of the community as a whole. The duty of common people here being is to support the authorities and help in the smooth implementation of the laws.

We need to rise above the religion and community and join our hands together as Indians and help the government in implementing such laws and give the future generation the gift of clean and pure environment.