What is more fun being a child, teenage, married, grandparent?

Bhale cheen lo mujhse meri jawaani , magar mujhko lauta do bachchpan ka saawan….a beautiful song true for me word by word. You may be wondering and pondering why? I have done thesis on this topic and here are a few reasons for which I would like to get back to my childhood.

There is no denial to the fact that childhood is the best part of life for every human being. Childhood and innocence are synonyms. Not only the word innocence but fun at its peak and carefree life are also synonym to childhood.

Childhood is the best part of life when you are either the little man or little girl in your parents life. There is nothing that worries you, all you are concerned is about the celebrations of your birthday or attending your friend’s birthday or at the most planning celebrations of some festivals. You are never concerned of your future goals or what will I do tomorrow? It never concerns us what will happen if I do not wake up early tomorrow morning. The future has no important significance for us. All we are concerned is about present and what we are doing to day. Childhood phase sets us free from all the constraints of the real world. We do not have any responsibility on us.

My childhood was all the more special as I come from a joint family set up. With grand father who would shower the love of both grandmother and grand father on me( I did not have grandmother)on me, to uncles and aunts who would fulfill all my wishes. Most importantly bunch of kids as cousins who tend to be my best friends till date as we were the first friends for each other. Playing pranks on each other or gearing up for the celebrations of festivals, or taking permission from each other’s parents. We were totally partners in crime. Deciding the destination of picnic or setting up lottery for deciding the venue. Even we had a small democracy at our home and majority wins was the rule. Although it was simple as to get vote bribe would be two pieces of chocolate or a new eraser at most. All the childhood memories will forever stay close to our hearts and bring a smile on our face whenever we think about those good all days. You grow up amidst all love and care in the nut-shell. Nothing worries you.

Kids are considered as form of God on the Earth and my family truly believed in it. My whole family helped me in growing in to a better person but they instilled humility in me. Learning the basic values of sharing and compassion or listening to the stories of courage or righteous behavior from our grannies made my childhood so special.

If my one wish would be granted I would like to return back to my childhood and enjoy the games of snake and ladder, or dark room secret or just sail a boat in the rain, or just sit in the round table conference to discuss the most silly matter. My childhood was the golden period of my life and the childhood memories are a part of my heart that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

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The Annoying Advice Always Receive

We live in a world where everyone has some advice to give it to others. Be it eating healthy or settling in life, people will bombard you with useless and junk advice everywhere. Some people prefer to dig their nose into other’s business and they considered themselves only on earth with brains. But, it is majorly the other way round which they fail to understand every time.

The world is filled with idiots only a sensible set of people roam around who prefer to mind their own business. An advice and loan should never be given to others unless it is asked for. Several people fail to understand this common thing.

Here is The Annoying Advice Everyone Gave Me, and it was totally at random place.

1. When will you get married?

Really? Why should I answer you? Are you going to pay for the wedding outfit or for the food? Okay, at least are you going to sponsor for my honeymoon trip??.I guess this is the most common advice each and every girl receives on their graduation day or after finishing education. The total number of congratulation messages are unfortunately less.
2. Watch what you eat else you will put on weight
I mean how does it bother anyone. I think nobody should question me unless I am literally taking the food from their plate. Being a grownup adult, it is very obvious for me to have a bigger appetite. In fact, I love to enjoy and eat each dish. It is just me and i serious get annoyed when someone advised me to watch what I eat. Not buying your piece of crap.

3. When are you going to have kids?
I have literally stabbed those people in my mind some 100 times who have asked this question. If it is for some close friend of mine, I answer them “until we run out of our condom stocks”. It is totally my husband and my choice to start a family, why should I even tell you about my personal things? We will start when we are ready. Anyway, you are never going to pay the hefty school fee of my child .. right ?? any sponsors there ??

4. Breastfeeding is the best way to lose the baby weight
Oh, this is my favorite when it comes to annoying advice. After breastfeeding my child, I eat like a hungry pig and I actually gained a huge weight . I was only eating almost everything on earth. This is the worst advice for those ladies who cannot breastfeed their little one. weight loss is only possible with clean eating and proper exercises, we all need to face the reality.

5. Parenting advice

First people advice you with different conception methods and then they want to take classes on parent and upbringing your child too. They advise you on everything starting from feeling, bathing, peeing, pooing and what not. I don’t know from where they have actually gain all the knowledge . I think some people got advice for every parenting need and they can gladly write a book.

We all must be surrounded by those advisers who volunteer themselves to sort out all your issues in no time with their golden advice, but my sincere advice to them is please stay away, we actually are not interested in your peace of advice.




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