Babbar ka Tabbar – Why You Should Watch It Too?

I am a person who doesn’t enjoy the typical saas-bahu series on TV. I just can’t deal with the overacting and makeup laden leads. I personally prefer shows that are more relatable. But at the same time, I am not into serious stuff.  Hence, I was looking for a fun show to watch online when I came across Babbar ka Tabbar on ZEE5. With this show, I finally found something that was both relatable yet incredibly funny.Read more

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A simple test for babies soft skin

The moment a woman informs about her pregnancy to the family, every single person in the family brings up with a suggestion on how to take care of the baby, how to handle the baby and most importantly which brand of baby product should be used. It would be really nice if a simple test for babies soft skin could determine their quality.Read more

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How To Entertain Your Kids During Flying

Last year we traveled to Kerala on flight with my daughter who was only 3 years old, i was very worried when the plan was prepared to travel by flight because its very difficult to keep my daughter in one place for  3-4 hours,a constantly knocked me how can i bring to keep my daughter occupied on flight, it became very challenging for me to entertain my daughter to keep her calm and feel easy, so i did some research on internet, consulted my friends and families  and did managed to receive few useful ways to make my very peaceful and enjoyable.Read more